Glossary of PUA Terms

As requested by reader Frank from Montreal, a quick non-alphabetical glossary of the pickup terms used on this website.

Note: I’m aware there’s a lot more PUA terms out there, but I’m limiting it to whatever I’ve used on this website.  Let me know if I’ve missed anything

PUA – a modern day pickup artist.  My definition of this is a guy who approaches and flirts with a girl(s) in a situation, where they would otherwise have never met (a cold approach).

Approach – All physical motions required to initiate a conversation with  someone.  Could include walking towards someone, to simply making eye contact.  Some people might include initial conversation starter in this as well, but I classify that under the term “open”.  Eg. A PUA approaches and opens a girl.

Open – After an approach is made, the first thing you say to someone to initiate a conversation.

Cold Approach – approaching someone you don’t know, in a situation where if you hadn’t taken the initiative to approach them and open, you would have never met.

Approach anxiety – a guy’s fear of approaching and opening someone, usually an attractive girl(s).  The fear is related to looking foolish, being humiliated, or being rejected.  It can act as a mental block, preventing a PUA’s progress if it’s not overcome.

AFC – average frustrated chump.  A somewhat derogatory term used by PUA’s to refer to non-PUA men who are left frustrated by their lack of success with women.

Banter line – a comment to open someone (initiate conversation), or to throw into a conversation to elicit interest from the other party.

Inner game – Term for developing the correct mindset required to progress as a PUA.  Generally refers to overcoming negative, defeatist thoughts, and developing confidence, and an abundance mentality.  Basically think positive and overcome negativity.

IOI – Indicator of interest.  Refers to unconscious actions that women make when they become attracted to a man.

Kino – Nonsexual physical contact initiated to develop rapport with someone and make them comfortable.

Mystery Method – PUA techniques and theory developed by the PUA self styled as Mystery.

Neg – A comment or action meant to lower a women’s self-esteem, while actively displaying a lack of interest.

Oneitis – When a man falls in love with a girl who is strictly a plutonic friend.

Set – The girl(s) around him that a PUA can potentially approach and talk to.

Sarge – An allocated period of time to go out and approach sets.  Either by oneself or with a wing.

Wings – Fellow PUA’s to sarge with.


Bonus Reading for budding PUA’s

I’m moving this little blurb from my now defunct links page.

Reading for further reference:

The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene.  Pay particular attention to the section on the anti-seducer traits. These are personality traits found in people that turn other people off.  Do you recognize any of these traits in yourself, or someone you know?  Have a trusted friend read this section, and then ask them if they recognize any of these personalities in you.

The Game by Neil Strauss.  I’ve mentioned this a few times.  It’s more of an entertaining read then reference material, but if you are completely new to the idea of pickup then it’s a good introduction.