Online Dating Profile Photos – How To Choose The Best Non-Main Profile Pics

The previous page focused on the main profile picture which is so important since thats what generates clicks on your profile.  When it comes to the remaining profile pictures, remember to choose ones that emphasize positive qualities like fun, adventure, and kind heartedness – while showcasing your personality and interests.  And remember to have friends (girls recommended) review your profile images.  Below I’ve included the pics from my profile, minus my main picture.  The sample pics shown on the previous page were better examples than my one. Basically I looked through my phone, and pics I was tagged in on facebook, and these were the best ones I found. Could I have made better photos if I had hired a photographer?  Potentially yes.  But these were honest, and they told a story about me.  And I didn’t feel like delaying messaging girls, just trying to get the perfect photos.  You’ll notice that about half of these were taken of me on vacation.  Makes sense, people tend to take more pictures when on holiday, and they are more open to trying new, adventurous things.  While I wasn’t overweight, I still didn’t have the best body so I didn’t use any shirtless pics. And yes, facial features are blurred out, I enjoy my privacy.  Trust me I’m an average looking guy.

Picture 1:

Best Friends!

This is a pic with my neighbour/friend’s dog, who I walked on a regular basis.  There’s a cute story about how we bonded, but basically Indy think’s she’s my girlfriend. The caption for this pic: Best Friends!

Picture 2:

Scuba on the Great Barrier Reef

This pic is of me scuba diving in Australia. Caption: scuba on the great barrier reef

Picture 3:

lava tour in Hawaii

This is me poking a stick into lava in Hawaii. Caption: lava tour in Hawaii

Picture 4:

sharing a milkshake in San Fran

I’m on the right in this funny pic with friends. Caption: sharing a milkshake in San Fran

Picture 5:

In Korea town post bar

This is a pic of me in Korea town in downtown LA after a night at the bars. Caption: In Korea town post bar

Picture 6:

at the summit of Mauna Kea

This is once again in Hawaii, on the summit of Mauna Kea.  Just me staring off into the sunset.  I didn’t add a caption for this one, let them use their imagination.

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