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Remember what I said about 80-90% of attraction for someone online is based on photos? Well with swipe based apps like tinder, I believe it’s more like 98%.  The secret to Tinder is the pictures, particularly the main profile pic.  If you haven’t already done so, read my page on getting the best main profile pic.  In fact having a tinder bio longer than a couple of lines is a negative.  It looks weird, and since everyone’s got ADD on this site, if faced with the prospect of having to read a long-ass profile, all else being equal, girls are more likely to just think – Next!  Unlike the last section on non-swipe based profiles, with tinder full sentences are not required.  I remember seeing a profile of a girl whose entire description consisted of the emoji’s for a slice of pizza, a heart, and a bikini.  Most hot girls don’t even have descriptions – or they’ll actually try to sound bitchy as a way to disqualify weak willed guys.  While the option is still there to write a funny bio, due to the lack of space, I didn’t attempt that route.  Every word has to be even more considered for impact, than with a non-swipe profile.  Instead I went for pure descriptive nouns, not even sentences, just things that were cool about me, and would hopefully ding off something in her head that she found interesting.

My tinder profile description:

“Canadian, Adventure seeker, ocean lover, traveler, coffee, conversation, student of life.  I give massage therapy.  Tosh.O is my guilty pleasure”

It’s all true, without really saying too much about me.  Really that was the profile pictures job.  I remember one woman did match me specifically because of the Canadian thing (or at least thats what she said), and we later dated, but aside from that I’m not sure how much of a difference any of it made.  With tinder the real first impression part of a profile given from the verbal description actually comes from the back and forth messaging.  Alright you’ve got your profile done, both pics and bio.  The next step is to start messaging girls, so read on to how to write messages to get the date.

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